Trees bring multiple benefits to ecosystems, environment and society. During Covid-19 people have drawn comfort and inspiration from spending time amongst trees and nature. Trees are an essential tool for addressing the climate crisis: through their contribution to carbon sequestration, flood mitigation and pollution management. In a warming world, trees make places comfortable and habitable, particularly in the urban environment.

Yet tree planting is so often treated as a trivial matter (not least by number-chasing politicians) and we consequently see so much time, effort and money wasted on poorly specified planting schemes which are bound to fail. At Jon Coe Tree Consultancy we provide planting schemes which are carefully tailored to the specifics of the site and growing conditions, which are appropriate to climate change objectives, and which add value to places for people. We provide a clearly enforceable specification and planting methodology to ensure that the trees you have paid for have the potential to thrive.

Trees themselves are also under greatly increased threats from changes to their growing climate, and from the globalised spread of plant pests and diseases. Our planting schemes specify diverse mixes of species with qualities appropriate to these considerations.

Wherever space allows we seek to specify large-growing species for the increased benefits that their greater size affords. In more restricted locations, insect-pollinated flowering trees can provide the base for an ecological framework which promotes urban biodiversity. Fruit trees may not be appropriate in all situations, but they, of course, bring their own additional pleasures to communities or individual homeowners.

We can provide the planting scheme you require – whether you have a small garden, a large estate, or a new development which requires a sustainable planting scheme to meet planning requirements.